Hellenic Academic Libraries Link Agreements termination

Hellenic Academic Libraries Link Agreements termination

HEAL-Link informs you of the termination of the agreements with all publishers as of 01.07.2015 due to the inability to collect the remaining half of the budget for the current year, despite the efforts that have been made and are continued, in cooperation with the Board of Rectors and the Ministry of Education.

We remind you that HEAL-Link had asked the publishers to extend the date of opt out from 30th of March to 30 th of June, reassuring them for their future repayment for these six months, a proposal that had been accepted (see. corresponding announcement at 02/04/2015)

However, due to unfavorable economic conditions, HEAL-Link has pending econimc issues with some publishers even for the years 2013 and 2014.

Currently HEAL-Link is obliged to proceed with the termination of the agreements, whilst seeking to maintain access for three months (grace period), with the hope that meanwhile budget might be found. Of course this may not be acceptable to all publishers, and access might be cut immediately.

Additionally, HEAL-Link will seek to ensure access for years that have been already paid, but also to find funds to maintain access to online resources for HEAL-Link members.