For the recent years, the creation of Library Consortia in all parts of the world has become an established trend. First, there were libraries in the U.S.A. that created consortia to share resources, to offer common services, to broaden access to (electronic) resources and to encounter jointly financial problems. Shortly, Northern European Countries followed their example. Library Consortia now count several years of existence. Apart from developing other services, they are especially successful in providing common access to electronic resources at very beneficiary prices through agreements made with publishers and vendors.

However, the experience gained so far show that there are great differences in the situation existing between the U.S. and Northern European Countries and the Countries of the European South. Differences refer not only to the buying power that for the South European Countries is considerably lower, but also, to different educational systems that demand special rules in the agreements with publishers and vendors.

SELL (Southern European Libraries Link) was created as an effort to bring together Libraries from Southern European Countries. The spark of its creation was a statement prepared by the Catalonian Consortium of Libraries (Spain), entitled “Why Some Libraries Pay More for Electronic Information”. This statement focused on the above mentioned differences, peculiar to Southern Countries, and the need for a special charging policy from the part of publishers and vendors.

Libraries in Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and other countries of the same area of Europe have a lot in common:

  • They all have very old languages that have been very important in various times in history and are feeling very strongly about their languages. English, although is quite widespread in these countries, it can not be compared with the use of English in other countries of Europe like the Netherlands, or Denmark, or other non English-speaking countries. This fact creates a lot of problems in all efforts to negotiate with producers of bibliographic databases.
  • In negotiations, most of the publishers and vendors charge by student FTE which is inapplicable in the case of these countries where educational systems usually allow a great number of inactive students who are registered in their Universities but are not actually attending courses.
  • According to official economic data, Southern European Countries have a much lower GDP comparing to the one of the countries of Northern Europe. Therefore, their buying power is considerably lower and on the other hand, their educational and research needs are almost at the same level.

The main goal of SELL is to address these matters to its member Libraries, to promote the special requirements of its members to information aggregators, to draw common policies towards information acquirement and provision and also, to support other fields of collaboration.

1st Meeting of Southern European Libraries’ Consortia October 14, 2001 University of Macedonia Thessaloniki, Greece

10:00 – 12:30 Informal country reports
12:30 – 13:00 Define possible areas for cooperation
13:00 – 13:30 Discussion for adoption of a version of the statement of the Consortium of Academic Libraries of Catalonia “Why some libraries and consortia pay too much for e-information”
13:30 – 15:00 Lunch break (click here for a picture)
15:00 – 15:30 Examine possibilities for common negotiations/common action on VAT for e-sources
15:30 – 16:00 Examine possibilities for cooperation on technical issues/archiving
16:30 – 17:00 Electronic only: can we adopt a common strategy?
17:00 – 17:30 Next steps–Future meetings–Communication Set up a site for our initiative? Publicize?

The following represents the action decisions made at our first SELL meeting.


  • The Statement document will be considered by all and comments sent to Nuria who will then revise and send to Claudine for posting on SELL web site; consortia will then endorse in principle as they choose
  • Claudine will arrange to have a SELL web site constructed
  • Malta, France and Turkey will be invited to the next SELL meeting
  • SELL meetings will be held twice a year; once at European ICOLC (a dinner meeting) and a full one day meeting in a member country in May a. Next meeting will be in Barcelona in May; Nuria will arrange and establish a date
  • Tommaso will gather information on the VAT for electronic materials and circulate to SELL members; ultimately it may be sent to the appropriate EU authorities
  • Future issues:
  • Development of portals
  • Preservation/encouragement of locally produced academic products (e.g. journals in national languages) that do not have wide international markets
  • Developing a possible SELL contract for netLibrary e-books; Nuria will take the lead in exploring the possibilities of a SELL contract i. (Note: netLibrary has recently run out of money, is near bankruptcy and has put itself up for sale)
  • Developing a solution for permanent archiving of e-materials
  • Elsevier bookkeeping and billing competence needs to be improved
  • Elsevier title change problems need to be addressed
  • The issue of cover to cover content in e-journals
  • The issue of missing content (issues) in e-journals
  • The issue of the price model being based on use (more you use the more you pay is a problem)
  • Contract should specify that litigation takes place in the country of the purchaser

The following represents the action decisions made at our 2nd SELL meeting.Minutes

  • Anglada statement: Last year’s SELL decision to endorse CBUC’s statement “Why Some Libraries and Consortia Are Paying too Much for E-Information” was reaffirmed and it will be mounted on the SELL website. The official version will be provided in English along with the SELL consortial endorsements as they are received by Dervos. (Please send endorsements to Claudine at: dervou@ Translations of the statement into each SELL native language will also be mounted. (These too should be sent to Claudine)
  • VAT: The discussion of VAT on electronic products was actively discussed. The group decided to pursue three initiatives regarding VAT:
    • Statement: Dervos and Gargiulo agreed to draft a statement on behalf of SELL generally addressing the following issues: VAT on academic electronic products should not be more than on academic print materials (for most SELL counties VAT on electronic products is 4-5 times that on print products); academic electronic products are substantially different from entertainment electronic products; an attempt should be made to harmonize the SELL statement with the VAT statement of the Frankfurt group to increase impact. A draft will be sent to SELL delegates for their review and comment; any “no response” by the indicated deadline will be treated as agreement.
    • Liaison with Publishers: There was a general feeling that academic publishers would make good allies in bringing the VAT on electronic products into line with that on print products. The statement will be framed to remain open to this possibility and SELL members will generally explore this possibility as opportunity allows.
    • Lobbying/Political Action: There was a general feeling that SELL should not confine itself to only a statement, but also explore routes to possible action. Karasozen will investigate involvement of faculty, particularly math and science faculty; Santos will explore action at the ministry level; and all SELL members will, as opportunity allows, seek to identify their country EU representatives and bring the statement to their attention once it is drafted and agreed upon.
  • EU Copyright Directive: Marandola alerted the SELL delegates to the upcoming country ratification of the EU copyright law. He pointed out that the critical issue was the list of 9 exceptions which provided important modifications to the law for such institutions as libraries and schools. These important exceptions are not automatically included in the copyright law being ratified in each country so consortia will want to check on the status of these exceptions for their individual countries. Marco will send out an email to the SELL members with the basic EU copyright directive (or the link to the directive) and has agreed to serve as informal consultant to any SELL delegate who have questions concerning the directive.
  • Southern European Academic Content: There was general interest and discussion of how to make southern European academic materials, e.g. nationally published journals, theses and dissertations in national languages, more widely available. Anglada provided a demonstration of Spain’s involvement in the NLDTD ( project and encouraged other consortia to consider participation. Dervos raised the idea of providing the associated metadata in English to facilitate cross language searching. Providing wider access to nationally produced journals is more complicated but will remain a SELL topic of future interest and discussion.
  • Oxford Reference Online (Oxford U. Press): Dervos made a presentation of the ORO product in place of Susan Lob who encountered travel difficulties and could not attend the SELL meeting. Claudine pointed out that ORO is a good general product with wide international appeal, including a wide range of content and language databases. She will distribute a password which SELL delegates (only) may use in June to investigate the ORO product. If a specific consortium is interested in wider review and investigation, the SELL delegate should contact Claudine and she will make the necessary arrangements. Delegates generally felt that this broader local review would probably make more sense after students and faculty return to school in the fall.
    The licensing arrangement would include unlimited access and its cost would be price sensitive, i.e. the bigger the contracting group the better the deal price-wise. The group agreed that Claudine would be the single negotiator with the active advice of a SELL advisory committee. This would consist of: Azucena, Karasozen, Gargiulo, Alvarez, and Lemos.
    Since no real multi-national deals have yet been done, there was some feeling that if an attractive deal could be put on the table, it would be very nice for SELL to be the first to announce a multi-national deal.
  • Math/Sci Net: Karasozen brought to the group’s attention that Math/Sci Net might also be a product of general interest. He agreed to be the single negotiator for this product and will have the same advisory committee as Claudine.
  • eICOLC Report: Dervos reviewed the agenda for the upcoming eICOLC meeting in Thessalonica, October 3-5 and encouraged all SELL delegates to attend. Since many SELL delegates will likely attend, there are plans to once again have an informal SELL meeting at the conference, perhaps a lunch or dinner. Further information will be sent out as conference plans are finalized.
  • Next SELL Meeting: Karasozen invited SELL delegates to hold their next meeting in Ankara, Turkey. The invitation was universally and enthusiastically accepted. The meeting will be held on June 8 (Sunday) with an invitation to a tour of Cappadocia on the preceding day (Saturday) for those SELL delegates so interested. The sense of the group was that for the present, membership would be limited to the countries represented at Barcelona. More information will be forthcoming; check the SELL website.
    The meeting adjourned at 5:30pm with general complements to Lluis and Nuria for arranging a well-organized and productive meeting in a truly beautiful location.



2nd Meeting of Southern European Libraries’ Consortia May 18, 2002 Escola Superior d’Agricultura de Barcelona, Spain

09:30 – 11:00

Welcome and informal country reports:

11:00 – 11:30 Break
11:30 – 12:30

Revision of 1st SELL decisions:

  • Endorsement of the CBUC Statement “Why some libraries and consortia pay too much for e-information”
  • VAT for electronic materials
  • Southern European content: Common projects for academic e-journals, e-dissertations, etc.
12:30 – 13:00 Minutes for the next eICOLC meeting (Claudine Dervos)
13:00 – 15:00 Lunch
15:00 – 16:00

Examine possibilities for common negotiations

  • Oxford Reference Online: Discussion about a possible multi country deal
16:00 – 17:30 Decisions. Next SELL meeting
21:00 Dinner (by courtesy of Elsevier) (click here for a picture)


3rd Meeting of Southern European Libraries’ Consortia June 8, 2003 Cappadocia, Turkey

9:30 – 11:00

Welcome and informal country reports:

11:00 – 11:30 Coffee Break
11:30 – 12:30 MathSciNet Consortium for SELL Countries
12:30 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 15:00 Paul Harwood, Swets Blackwell, “ALPSP-Learned Journals Collection
15:00 – 15:30 Coffee Break
15:30 – 17:00 Decisions, Next SELL meeting
20:00 Dinner (by courtesy of Swets Blackwell)

The following outlines the discussions held during the 3rd SELL meeting.


      • Country reports were presented by participants at the beginning of the meeting.
      • MathSciNet Consortium for SELL Countries: There was a general feeling that consortial pricing should be according to mathematical activity. There is no competitor for MSN. Countries could cooperate in negotiating with MSN. Each participant is going to talk with his/her own university and consortiumabout joining a SELL MSN consortium. There is an MSN consortium in Italy, and Paola suggested that we negotiate for the same conditions for all SELL members but not try to make a single contract. We should think about trying to get some support from the EU for a SELL MSN consortium.
      • ALPSP: The ALPSP Learned Journals Collection was presented by Sitki Aktas of Swets Blackwell. The ALPSP, The Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (, that represents not-for-profit publishers, has several hundred members. These are small publishers with few titles, who are not included in the “Big Deals”, and especially those publishing in languages other than English. The Association runs seminars and training programmes for members. It tries to minimise the squeeze factor by creating a cross-publisher collection among ALPSP members and making content available through a single channel. Swets Blackwell signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ALPSP in April. The role of Swets Blackwell is to develop the collection by signing up publishers, representing participating publishers in negotiating sales to consortia and libraries. Also, Swets Blackwell will collect fees and process orders from clients. It’s like a one-stop shop for both ALPSP and libraries. Swets Blackwell’s agreement with ALPSP is for three years. Swets Blackwell’s intention is to have a final list of publishers participating and their titles by 31 July 2003. Depending on levels of participation, two subject packages, Medical and Life Sciences and Science and Technology, are contemplated. Their aim is to present the packages and pricing at this year’s ICOLC and E-ICOLC meetings. There was a general feeling that the ALPSP deal will be very useful for libraries since it is difficult for libraries to handle large numbers of individual subscriptions.
      • Decisions and Next SELL Meeting: There was general interest in the question of how to put all databases and institutions on the SELL web site. It was thought that we should prepare a matrix that shows them. We should also prepare a report about activities of the members and differences between them. A decision needs to be made on the structure for such a report, and it was suggested that Tommaso Giordano from Italy be requested to write an article about SELL activities. The next SELL meeting will be held in Italy. More information will be forthcoming so members are requested to check the SELL website.



4th Meeting of Southern European Libraries’ Consortia, May 14, 2004 Universita di Napoli Parthenope, Villa Doria D’Angri, Via Petrarca 80, Naples, Italy

9:30 – 11:00

Country reports:

11:00 – 11:15 Coffee Break
11:15 – 12:00 Licensing principles, best practices, contract clauses
12:00 – 13:15 Scientific Communication, Open Access, SPARC
13:15 – 14:30 Lunch Break
14:30 – 15:45 Brief reports of latest conferences attended in 2004 (ALA Meeting)
15:45 – 16:15 next ICOLC conference- Lluis offered to report on the state of the art
16:15 – 16:30 Cofee Break
16:30 – 16:45 Elsevier products presentation
16:45 – 17:30 Discussion and closing of the meeting
20:45 Dinner at Borgo Marinaro

The following outlines the discussions held during the 4th SELL meeting.


      • The meeting began, as usual, with country reports of consortial developments. Overall, consortia in the southern European Mediterranean area continue to progress and are undertaking a wide range of new initiatives. Particular issues mentioned, include:
        1. Frustration in dealing with Elsevier’s attempts at imposing new charges on consortia during renewal contract negotiations (Greece)
        2. Difficulty in adopting DSpace software to respond to Spanish diacritics (Spain)
        3. Continuing concerns with VAT and its strong negative impact on consortial ability to move to all digital resources (all countries)
        4. Complications in coordinating regional consortia to move toward a national agenda such as national contract negotiations and negotiating principles (Italy, Spain)
        5. Attempts to develop national repositories for national language materials (Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey)
      • Discussion of Open Access: Karasozen made an informative and balanced presentation on the subject and a lively discussion ensued. Basically, Karasozen reported that there is a lot of experimentation going on in terms of business and distribution models but that so far no clear and convincing model has yet emerged. As a related supplemental report, Kohl reported that at the spring ICOLC 2004, the American Physical Society announced that they had decided to pass on the cost savings to libraries of a favorable printing contract in the form of a 5% reduction in subscription prices, that the American Medical Association announced that they would be experimenting with making their lead journal, the Journal of the American Medical Society, into an open access journal, and that BioOne (a SPARC initiative of biological society journals) announced that they would reluctantly be imposing a 9% increase in subscription costs this year.A spirited and lengthy discussion ensued with, among other, the following points emerging:
        1. commercial publishers need competition to keep their prices in line
        2. individual faculty and scholarly societies are only providing ambivalent and uncertain support for OA and in some cases are actively on record as opposing it
        3. an interesting group of tools is emerging which support OA, including DSpace and Google searches of the deep web (academic repository holdings)
        4. concern about library/university ability and commitment to manage support of scholarly communication in a cost effective and long term manner
        5. different academic disciplines have different needs and concerns for scholarly communication and its mechanisms
        6. the OA business models should be so designed as to not exclude developing countries from submitting research

        There was general agreement that OA developments should continue to be monitored by all present.

      • Open discussion: Due to the shortness of time, a number of the agenda items were telescoped into the OA discussion.
      • Fall ICOLC: Anglada reported on preparations and the agenda for the Barcelona ICOLC this fall. General comments and observations were made, but in general, things seemed well in hand. The registration web site is now up and ready for business.
      • Elsevier Presentation: The Elsevier representative (Luca Carpi de Resmini) presented the new pricing model and comments on Open Access. Vigorous discussion followed. Great concerns were expressed about new charges, particularly those for perpetual access if a contract were discontinued as well as those proposed charges for titles which consortial members had not traditionally subscribed to in the past. Concern was also expressed about what appeared to be arbitrary banding of universities by size. The responses by the representative were not considered satisfactory. The presentation of OA issues (as viewed by Elsevier) was likewise considered unsatisfactory and not particularly enlightening or helpful.
      • Concluding discussion: A number of action items were agreed on:
        1. All country reports would be sent to Dervou for mounting on the SELL website
        2. The site of the next SELL meeting will be determined by Fernandes and Dervou and announced to the group in a month or two. Portugal will host the next meeting if, after internal discussion, they feel they are ready to do so, otherwise the next SELL meeting will he held in Greece
        3. A letter of concern about the new Elsevier pricing model will be drafted by Karasozen and reviewed by Dervou, after which it will be submitted to the group for their consideration and comments. Upon general approval it will be sent to the appropriate Elsevier representatives.
        4. The group will experiment with an occasional newsletter to allow SELL members and their libraries to keep up to date on useful developments of consortial interest between meetings. News items, information on useful resources, publications, etc…should be sent to Dervou who will organize them and distribute them as an e-newsletter to SELL members.
        5. The group approved the idea of experimenting with an annual SELL workshop on issues of importance to the group. It will draw on SELL members (as well as outside experts) for presentations and expertise. There will also be an attempt to have publishers and vendors provide scholarships for as many of the attendees as possible. If so desired, it may be possible and useful to repeat successful workshops as well in specific countries as the most cost-effective way to make useful information and skills available beyond the annual presentation of the workshop. Dervou will undertake to arrange the first such SELL workshop for spring, 2005 and will call upon SELL members for help with presentations as necessary.



5th Meeting of Southern European Libraries’ Consortia, June 17, 2005 at FCCN, Avenida do Brasil n.101, Lisboa, Portugal


Country reports:

10:30-11:00 e-books (what is going on in our consortia)
11:00-11:15 Coffee break
11:15-12:15 Open access issues
12:15-13:15 Administrative trivia (how we handle all the aspects of a contract and keep up with the publishers)
13:15-14:30 Lunch Break
14:30-15:30 reports from ICOLC, Berlin Declaration meeting 3, ALA etc
15:30-16:00 institutional repositories
16:00-17:00 Content Complete presentation (Paul Harwood)
17:00-17:30 Discussion (issues that we might want to bring up at the ICOLC in Polland) and closing of the meeting
20:30 Dinner at “Lisboa à Noite”

The following outlines the discussions held during the 5th SELL meeting.

      • Country reports were presented and will be mounted on the SELL website
      • ICOLC report
        Fernandes, Moreira and Kohl gave a brief report on key ICOLC issues. There was difficulty in remembering the report from Japan on the size and extent of their consortial deals. Checking the records that information is as follows: Japan does national deals which presently total $300 million (to foreign publishers alone) and involve some 1,000 colleges and universities, including some 200 research universities. For this amount of money they receive the equivalent of between 100,000-350,000 journals (counting electronic duplicates).
      • E-books
        • Paola raised the question of e-book use and usability in SELL consortia
        • There seemed to be some use in Italy and Portugal of medical texts; a small experiment in Greece seemed to indicate little use of e-books
        • Spain has contracts with 4 publishers (about 4,000 books) but thinks that the problem with low e-book use is the financial model, but that their usage is still worth it
        • There seems to be a problem with not enough e-books in translations (particularly in languages spoken by few people, e.g. Greece, Portugal with a small potential market)
        • The popularity of e-books may improve when they are more searchable
        • Most e-books presently have to be used while connected to a library site; little use of downloading is made or even available
      • Administrivia
        Paola talked about what CIBER is doing to have better communication between the consortia and the libraries; mostly online site which librarians go to; plans for a newsletter and ultimately a plan to push digital material to members.
        The CIBER site allows member libraries to update IP ranges, find out about contracted publisher holdings, potential costs of new resources, threaded discussion of topics, automated deadline prompts, etc.
      • Institutional Repositories/Open Access
        • Spirited discussion of the role of librarians in this still developing but important area
        • General sentiments were expressed about the importance of providing a library mechanism for publication of scholarly research (articles, theses/dissertations, etc…),i.e. digital repositories
        • General sentiments were also expressed that digital repositories need to be more than publishers of faculty articles, e.g. support of digital resources for teaching, for research, digitization of local collections, etc…; areas where librarians have more possibility for control than the scholarly publishing environment
        • Italy made a brief presentation of PLEIADI as an example of a digital repository (“a portal solution to scholarly literature”) (this presentation will be mounted on SELL website)
      • Content Complete presentation by Paul Harwood
        A most interesting presentation was made. Contents Complete clearly represents a useful option for smaller consortia with no professional staff to undertake the complex and time consuming operation of negotiating contracts. The presentation will be mounted on the SELL website
      • Misc
        • Adding Israel to the consortium
        • The issue was discussed in some depth but ultimately the consensus was to hold off on inviting them to join SELL. Instead, Italy will partner with them on specific projects.
        • Petition regarding cartel concerns to Brussels
        • This issue was discussed and it was felt to be premature at this time.
        • Encouragement for Italy to volunteer for ICOLC in 2006
        • Italy will take this under consideration.
        • Increasing SELL meeting to a day and a halfThere was considerable discussion of this topic as time was running out and various individuals began to leave. There was strong consensus that it would be a good idea but equal concern that it should not require more time away from the office than present. Since most of the people have to come in the day before anyway, there was some thought that the country reports could be handled in a brief afternoon or evening meeting the day before the full day session.
        • Scheduling the next SELL meeting (Greece) on an island
          Claudine said she would investigate possibilities
        • Paola will draft a statement on usage based pricing scheme which some publishers are proposing. The statement will cover Sell’s critical stand on the issue: usage based pricing does not facilitate the maximum circulation of information that is a main goal of library consortia, furthermore it is difficult to handle within a consortia.Usage based data is a useful parameter for consortia when taking decisions, usage based pricing is not acceptable as a contract model. It seemed to me that we agreed on it when were in Lisbon. I will work on the draft in the next few weeks.
      • Adjournment for dinner hosted by Paul Harwood
        A wonderful and colorful dinner in a local restaurant was arranged; many follow-up discussions were conducted among members; and a good time was had by all. Our deepest thanks to our host Paul Harwood and Contents Complete.



6th Meeting of Southern European Libraries’ Consortia, May 5-6, 2006 at Makedonia Palace Hotel, 2 M. Alexandrou Avenue, GR 54 640, Thessaloniki, Greece

Preliminary program:

Friday the 5th of May

Country Reports

18:00-18:15 Coffee break
18:15-19:00 Discussion on Copyright problems and the European digitization plans
19:00-20:00 ALPSP and Swets presentation
20:30 Dinner
Saturday the 6th of May
9:30 – 11:30 Discussion on the report to EU commission
11:30-12:00 Coffee break
12:00-13:00 Reports from ICOLC, UKSG, Bielefeld, ALA etc
13:00-13:30 Lluis presentation at UKSG
13:30-15:00 Lunch break
15:00-16:00 ILL and resource sharing
16:00-17:00 Administrative problems with contracts
17:00-17:30 Coffee break
17:30-18:30 Discussion

The following outline the discussions held during the 6th SELL meeting.



7th Meeting of Southern European Libraries’ Consortia (SELL), March 16-17, 2007 at Residencia de Estudiantes, Madrid

Organized by: CSIC and CBUC
Sponsored by: OCLC and Van de Bilt Sales & Marketing

Preliminary program:

FRIDAY, March 16th

Country Reports (Coffee break included)

19:00-20:00 OCLC presentation – Janifer Gatenby
21:00 Dinner at Restaurante La Favorita, sponsored by OCLC
SATURDAY, March 17th
9:30 – 11:00

Country Reports (Coffee break included)

  • Portugal
  • Italy
11:00-11:15 Coffee break
11:15 – 12:00 NILDE document delivery system – Silvana Mangiaracina
12:00 – 13:00 Ten years of big deals – Dr. David Kohl
13:00 – 13:30 Update on the ALPSP/SELL license – Claudine Xenidou-Dervos
13:30-15:00 Lunch
15:00-16:00 IOS Press, Guilford, Mary Ann Liebert and World Scientific presentation – Teo van de Bilt
16:00-17:00 Extending digital libraries to research centers – Lluís Anglada
17:00-17:30 Coffee break
17:30-18:30 Decisions: Expanding big deals. Next SELL meeting
20:30 Dinner at Restaurante Korea
SUNDAY, March 18th (Optional activity)
11:30 – 13:30 “Madrid de los Austrias” (Old Madrid, guided tour in English)
Approx. 14:00 Lunch at Restaurante Los Arrieros
Sponsored by Van de Bilt Sales & Marketing

The following outline the discussions held during the 7th SELL meeting.

  • SELL Minutes
  • Photographs
    • SELL Meeting 123 , 456
    • Restaurante La Favorita 1234
    • Restaurante Korea 12
    • Old Madrid, guided tour in English 123456



  • 8th Meeting of Southern European Libraries’ Consortia (SELL), May 30-31, 2008 at Sala Atti della Facolta’ di Scienze Politiche – Facolta di Scienze Politiche, University of Trieste – Italy
  • Organized by: CILEA
  • Sponsored by: Accucoms, Casalini and Swets

Preliminary program:

FRIDAY, May 30th

Country Reports

  • Greece
  • Spain
    Things we learnt from our digital library usage data: CBUC 1998-2007″ (Núria Comellas)
11:15-11:45 Coffee Break

Country Report


Vendor Session


13:30-14:30 Lunch

Country Reports

16:30-16:45 Coffee Break

Vendor Session

  • Accucoms
20:30-23:30 Social Dinner
SATURDAY, May 31st
09:00-09:30 Update on Juro 12 (Teresa Costa)
09:30-10:00 Update on Nilde (Silvana Mangiaracina)
10:00-10:30 Scientific journals in the SELL countries: proposal for a study (Lluís Anglada)

Vendor Session

  • Casalini 12
11:30-12:00 Coffee Break/Light Lunch
12:00-13:00 Update on EUA, UKSG, ICOLC at US and other conference and meeting
13:00-13:30 Discussion on ERMS
13:30-14:00 Caspur & Cilea initiative local loading

The following outline the discussions held during the 8th SELL meeting.



  • 9th Meeting of Southern European Libraries’ Consortia (SELL), May 18-21, 2009 at Izmir Institute of Technology Library, Izmir, Turkey
  • Organized by: ANKOS
  • Sponsored by: Accucoms, and Springer

Preliminary program:

MONDAY, May 18th

Country Reports

11:15-11:45 Coffee Break

Country Report


Vendor Session

13:30-14:30 Lunch

Country Reports

16:30-17:00 Coffee Break

Vendor Session

20:30-23:30 Social Dinner
TUESDAY, May 19th

Country Reports

10:30-11:15 – INIST Statistics Project (Christine Weil-Miko)
11:15-11:45 Cofee Break
11:45-12:30 Couperin Shared ERMS Project (Emilie Barthet)

Vendor Session

13:30-14:30 Lunch

Open Access Developments

16:30-16:45 Coffee Break
16:45-17:30 Discussion : how are we facing the economic crisis
  • ALPSP Collection Renewal
  • Statements (Economic Crisis / OCLC)
  • Reports on conferences attended
  • Planning for next SELL meeting
20:30-23:30 Social Dinner

The following outline the discussions held during the 9th SELL meeting.



  • 10th Meeting of Southern European Libraries’ Consortia (SELL), June 11-13, 2010 at Bordeaux, France
  • Organized by: COUPERIN
  • Sponsored by: CAIRN, Persée and

Preliminary program:

Friday, June 11th
  • CAIRN Presentation
  • Persée
12:00-14:00 Lunch

Country Reports

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

Country Reports

17:30-18:30 Discussion
20:30-23:30 Dinner in a restaurant
Saturday, June 12th


10:30-10:45 Coffee Break
  • National Licenses in France
  • Reports in Conferences Attended
12:00-14:00 Lunch
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break
Sunday, June 13th
10:00-12:00 Guided visit of Bordeaux



  • 11th Meeting of Southern European Libraries’ Consortia (SELL), June 3-5, 2011 at Oporto, Portugal
  • Organized by: FCCN
  • Sponsored by ProQuest

Final program:

FRIDAY, Jun 3rd




João Gomes
João Moreira

Battlefield Survey

  • ICOLC Austin Battlefield Survey report
  • SELL Survey report

Discussion, potential cooperation, SELL statement?


Coffee break


Agnes Ponsati

Country reports #1

  • Spain
  • Greece
  • France




João Moreira

Interesting Services and/or Projects #1

  1. Discovery Services (Portugal, Spain, Turkey)
  2. Mobile Interfaces (Italy)
  3. ERMS (France)


Coffee break


Lluis Anglada

Open Access

  1. Granada Seminar
  2. SELL collaboration on Open Access. BoF.


Coffee break


Paola Gargiulo SELL Future




Gultekin Gurdal

Country reports #2

  • Turkey
  • Italy
  • Portugal


Coffe break


Claudine Dervou GrilleMaster

ProQuest Products and Services Portfólio

  • Daryl Naylor, Regional Sales Manager, Serials Solutions
  • Jane Burke, SVP Strategic Alliances, ProQuest
  • Carlos Mascorda, Regional Sales Manager, ProQuest




Paulo Lopes

Interesting Services and/or Projects #2     

  • Theses and dissertations
  • Preservation (Portugal, Greece)
  • Potential studies to assess value and cost of scientific output (France)


Claudine Dervou

Gen Bus #1

  • Report from other seminars (ICOLC, COAR) – João Moreira
  • SCOAP3 (Paola Gargiulo, João Moreira)
  • Metadata petition (João Moreira)
  • Elsevier Stats (Italy)
  • Next meeting



The following outline the discussions held during the 9th SELL meeting.

  • SELL Minutes



  • 12th Meeting of Southern European Libraries’ Consortia (SELL), June 15-16, 2012 at Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Organized by: HEAL-Link

Preliminary program:

FRIDAY, Jun 15th
09:00-09:15 Welcome/Announcements
09:15-10:15 Claudine Dervou
  • Economic crisis: Its affect on consortia and libraries’ electronic resources
  • Introduction
  • Round Discussion
10:15-11:15 Paola Gargiulo

Country reports #1

11:15-11:30 Coffee break
11:30-12:00 João Moreira

Country Reports #2

12:00-13:15 João Moreira

Interesting Services and Projects #1

13:15-14:30 Lunch
14:30-15:30 Panos Georgiou

Interesting Services and Projects #2

15:30-15:45 Coffee Break
15:45-16:45 Prodromos Tsiavos

Intellectual property rights related to Libraries

16:45-17:00 Coffee Break
17:00-18:00 Swets presentation Mendeley
18:00-18:30 Reports ICOLC, APARSEN, LIBER, OCLC EMEA
09:30-11:00 Nuria Comellas

Country reports #3

11:00-11:15 Coffee break
11:15-12:00 Lluis Anglada

Open Access

12:00-13:00 Paola Gargiulo

Open courses

13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 Anna Fragkou

Interesting Services and Projects #3

15:00-16:00 Round up



  • 13th Meeting of Southern European Libraries’ Consortia (SELL), May 31st – June 1st, 2013 at Barcelona, Spain
  • Organized by: CBUC

Final program:

FRIDAY, May 31st
09:00-09:15 Welcome/Announcements
09:15-10:15 Lluís Anglada Session A: General Discussion
Consortia mergers and similar organizational changes
10:15-11:15 Claudine Dervou Session B:General Discussion
The Big Deal model: is it able to answer our current (budget) needs? Has it a future?

  • Portugal
11:15-11:30 Coffee break
11:30-12:30 Núria Comellas

Country Reports #1

  • Italy
  • France
12:30-13:30 ACS presentation Susan M. Pastore: Director of International Sales and Market Development
13:30-15:00 Lunch
15:00-16:00 Agnès Ponsati

Country Reports #2

  • Greece
  • Portugal
16:00-16:15 Coffee Break
16:15-17:15 Prodromos Tsiavos

Country Reports #3

  • Turkey
  • Spain
17:20-18:20 IEEE presentation Judy Brady: Area Manager Europe, Japan, Latin America
Evening Group Dinner
10:00-11:00 Paola Gargiulo Session C: General Discussion
Open Access – Future prospects of collaboration within SELL countries
11:00-11:15 Coffe break
11:15-12:15 Session D
Open access at SELL countries – experiences

  • CRIS-Surplus (Italy)
  • CINECA initiatives for digital preservation (Italy)
  • French statement on OA (France)
  • Open Access @ Greece: What’s going on?
  • Enabling conditions for Open Access policies and strategies in Mediterranean Europe
12:15-13:15 Joao Moreira

Interesting Services and Projects

  • Comparative analysis of discovery services (Portugal)
  • NILDE: a new system open to international interlibrary loan (Italy and Greece)
  • ISTEX: building a national virtual library for research (France)
13:15-13:45 Round up
13:45-15:00 Lunch
Afternoon City tour (Optional)


  • 14th Meeting of Southern European Libraries Link Consortia (SELL), May 22nd – May 23rd, 2014 at Florence, Italy
  • Organized by: European University Institute, Badia Fiesolana – Via dei Roccettini 9, 50014 San Domenico di Fiesole (Florence)

Final program:

THURSDAY, May 22nd
09:00-09:15 Welcome and Announcements
09:15-10:15 Joao Moreira Session A
Battle field survey and renewal strategies
10:15-11:15 LLuis Anglada, CBUC Session B
OA clauses and licenses
11:15-11:30 Coffee break
11:30-13:15 Claudine Xenidou Dervou

Country Reports (Session 1)

  • France (30 min.)
  • Turkey (30 min.)
  • Spain (30 min.)
13:15-14:30 Lunch Break
14:30-15:30 Agnes Ponsati Springer Science + Business Media B. V Presentation
Focko Van Berkelaer Vice President, Sales Eastern/Southern Europe & Israel
15:30-16:00 Tommaso Giordano

Country Reports (Session 2)

  • Greece (30 min.)
    Directory of Hellenic Academic and Research Entities (DHARE) (Lia Ollandezou)
16:00-16:15 Coffee Break
16:30-17:30 Tommaso Giordano

Country Reports (Session 3)

  • Portugal (30 min), ICOLC Lisbon 19-22 October 2014
  • Italy (30 min)
17:30-18:00 Transportation to Torrossa (Casalini Libri)
18:00-18:45 Casalini Digital Library Presentation:
Andrea Ferro, Account Development e-Resources
18:45-21:30 Aperitivo and Dinner at Torrossa
FRIDAY, May 23rd
09:30-10:45 Paola Gargiulo Session C
Open Access at SELL countries

    • 09:30-09:45: OA: Challenges and expectations 2014-2020 (Paola Gargiulo)
    • 09:45-10.00: Cadmus, the EUI research repository. recent achievements and future challenges (Lotta Svantesson, EUI)
    • 10:00-10.45: General Discussion
10:45-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:30 Guido Badalementi Session D
Interesting services and projects

  • 11.00-11.15:
    The implementation of a new library management system and discovery for CBUC libraries
    (Lluis Anglada, CBUC)
  • 11:15-11:30: Searching, discovering and accessing OA digital primary sources without Google: the EUI EHPS portal. (Serge Noiret, EUI)
  • 11:30-11:45 PT-CRIS: National Research Platform
    (Joao Moreria, FCCN)
  • 11:45-12:00: Licensed Data Resources and Open Data Developments: a research library perspective,  Research Data Guide
    (Thomas Bourke, EUI)
  • 12:00-12:15: A shared portal for the research data for the universities of Catalonia
    (LLuis Anglada, CBUC)
12:30-13:15 Nuria Comellas Session E
E-books and consortia: business models, access issues, etc.
13:15-14:00 Light Lunch
14:00-15:30 Sandrine Malotoux Open discussion
Possible collaboration on OA call in Horizon
ICOLC – October 2014 Lisbon
15:30-15:45 Round up
16:00-18:15 Free time
18:15 Bus pick up at Villa La Stella and ride to Rufina-Borgo Castello
19:30–22:30 Dinner hosted by Tommaso Giordano



  • 15th Meeting of Southern European Libraries Link Consortia (SELL), June 1-2, 2015 at Istanbul, Turkey
  • Organized by: ANKOS, Koc University Rumeli Feneri Yolu, Sariyer 34450, Istanbul

Final program:

MONDAY, June 1st
09:00-09:15 Welcome and Announcements
09:15-09:45 Welcome Speech
Gulcin Cribb – University Librarian – Singapore Management University
09:45-10:45 Nuria Commelas

Country Reports (Session 1)

  • Greece (30 min.)
  • Italy (30 min.)
10:45-11:15 Coffee break
11:15-13:00 Lia Ollandezou

Country Reports (Session 2)

  • Portugal (30 min.)
  • Spain (30 min.)
  • France (30 min.)
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-14:30 lkay Holt

Country Reports (Session 3)

  • Turkey (30 min.)
14:30-16:00 Gultekin Gurdal

Open Access and Repositories

  • Gultekin Gurdal
  • Andre Dazy
16:00-16:30 Coffee Break
16:30-17:30 Guido Badalamenti

Springer Nature Presentation

Angela Timmerman, Director Academic / Government Library Marketing & Account Development EMEA

17:30-18:00 Library Tour
18:00 Departure for Dinner
18:30-21:30 Dinner hosted by Springer Nature at Kasibeyaz Bosphorus
TUESDAY, June 2nd
09:30-10:45 Ertugrul Cimen

Session A

Future of SELL: How to assure the continuity, motives for future meetings, methods to encourage collaboration

10:45-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:30 Teresa Costa Session B
Interesting services and projects

  • 11:00-11:30: ANKOS Academy (Ertugrul Cimen)
  • 11:30-12:00: ULAKBIM – EKUAL (Mirat Satoglu)
  • 12:00-12:30: EzPAARSE (Andre Dazy)
12:30-13:00 Ertugrul Cimen ANKOS Staff Exchange Program and its Internationalization
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 Ertugrul Cimen Hague Declaration on Knowledge Discovery
15:00-15:15 Coffee break
15:15-16:00 Sami Cukadar Elsevier Presentation on Research Management
16:15-16:30 Round up
16:30 Departure for Sabanci Museum
18:00 Departure from Museum to Dinner
18:30–21:30 Dinner hosted by Elsevier at Alimento Fish Restaurant



Thursday, May 19th

9h30 – Welcome

10h-12h30: Consortia negotiation activity, year 2015, First session

10h-11h00: State/consortia report  Portugal, Price distribution model, Teresa Costa

Coffee break

11h15- 12h15: State/consortia report Italy, Guido Badalamenti

Lunch break

Bistrot-restaurant “chez Yannick” – Adresse : 3, rue Eugène Delacroix, Toulouse

14h – 17h30: Consortia negotiation activity, year 2015, Second session

14h- 15h15 : State/consortia report Spain, Agnes Ponsati, Ianko Lopez

15h15-16h15: State/consortia report Greece, Lia Ollandezou

Coffee break

16h30-17h30: State/consortia report Turkey, Sami Cukadar

Diner au restaurant “Les copains d’abord”

Friday, May 20th

9h30-12h15: Consortia negotiation activity, Last session

9h30-10h30: State/consortia report France, Sandrine Malotaux

Coffee break

11h-12h15: Consortia-publishers relationship and tools potentially used by the participating consortia.

Open discussion.

Lunch Break: Bistrot-restaurant “Chez Yannick” – Adresse : 3, rue Eugène Delacroix, Toulouse

13h45-15h00: Open access

  • Portugal
  • Turkey
  • Greece

Coffee Break

15h15-16h00: Presentation by Sigal Lahav Scher, MALMAD (Israël), videoconferencing session

16h00-17h15: Request made by two countries about joining SELL: discussion

List of attendees :

Sami Cukadar Turkey
Agnes Ponsati Spain
Ianko Lopez Spain
Nuria Sanchez Spain
Teresa Costa Portugal
Guido Badalamenti Italy
Lia Ollandezou Greece
Gregory Colcanap France
Valérie Larroque France
Sandrine Malotaux France
André Dazy France
Pierre Chourreu France


Wednesday, May 31st

20h00 – Social Dinner at Tertúlia Algarvia

Thursday, Jun 1st

9h00 – Bus departs from Hotel Stay to University of Algarve

9h30-09h45 – Welcome/Announcements

9h45-10h45 – Moderator: João Mendes Moreira

Open access / flipping session #1: learn and exchange

  • Open Access International / Portuguese report – Inês Fonseca
  • Short introduction on Berlin 2020 and on flipping – Colleen Campbell
  • Offsetting examples (MPG?) – Colleen Campbell

10h45-11h30 – Moderator: Agnes Ponsati

Open access / Flipping session #2a: Prepare discussions: Flipping

  • Flipping economic potential impact (MPG Figures)
  • Arguments/Questions Berlin2020
  • Arguments/Questions Springer

11h30-12h00 – Coffee break

12h00-12h30 – Moderator: Luis Anglada

Open access / Flipping session #2b: Prepare discussions: Common position

12h30-13h00 – Moderator: Teresa Costa

Country reports #1

  • Italy

13h00-14h30 – Lunch break

14h30-16h00 – Moderator: Ertugrul Cimen

Country reports #2

  • France
  • Greece (remote)
  • Turkey

16h00-16h30 – Coffee Break

16h30-18h00 – Moderator: Tuba Akbayturk

Country reports #3

  • Israel (remote)
  • Serbia (remote)
  • Portugal

18h00 – Adjourn

18h30 – Bus departs from Hotel Stay to University of Algarve

20h00 – Social Dinner at Hotel Faro

Friday, June 2nd

9h00 – Bus departs from Hotel Stay to University of Algarve

9h30-11h00 – Moderator: Sandrine Malotaux

Open access / Flipping session #3: Berlin 2020 – Ralf Schimmer

  • Berlin2020@SELL countries (impact analysis)
  • Discussion
  • NCP for OA2020- Possible coordination at SELL level?

11h00-11h30 – Coffee break

11h30-12h30 – Moderator: Vasco Vaz

Open access / Flipping #4: Sponsor session: Springer

  • Springer Compact
  • Springer Compact@SELL (impact analysis)
  • Questions
  • Discussions

12h30-14h00 – Lunch break

14h00-14h45 – Moderator: Miguel Andrade

Open access #5: Alternative mechanisms to foster Open Access

  • Eloy Rodrigues
  • Luis Anglada ???

14h45-15h30 – Moderator: Luis Anglada

Open Access #6: SELL OA common position

15h30-16h00 – Coffee break

16h00-16h30 – Moderator: Teresa Costa

Country reports #4

  • Spain

16h30-17h30 – Moderator: Guido Badalamenti

Interesting projects and services

  • National Curricula Vitae Platform (Beta version) JMM
  • ERM solutions: Consortia Manager and other sw – Guido

17h30 – Adjourn

List of attendees :

Agnes Ponsati Spain
Ana Alves Pereira Portugal
Andre Dazy France
Ayşen Kuyuk Turkey
Eloy Rodrigues Portugal
Ertugrul Cimen Turkey
Gregory Colcanap France
Guido Badalamenti Italy
Inês Fonseca Portugal
João Mendes Moreira Portugal
Lluís Anglada Spain
Miguel Andrade Portugal
Natacha Mesquita Portugal
Paulo Lopes Portugal
Ralf Schimmer Germany
Sandrine Malotaux France
Teresa Costa Portugal
Tuba Akbaytürk Çanak Turkey
Vasco Vaz Portugal
Lia Ollandezou (Remote) Greece
Sigal Lahav Scher (Remote) Israel
Tatjana Timotijevic (Remote) Serbia

 Useful information


Sunday, May 6th

20h00 – Welcome Dinner at “Christofer” restaurant

Monday, May 7th

9h15-09h30 – Welcome/Announcements

9h30-11h30 – Moderator: Lia Ollandezou

Country reports #1

  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Portugal

11h30-12h00 – Coffee break

12h00-13h00 – Moderator: Teresa Costa

Country reports #2

  • France

13h00-14h30 – Lunch break

14h30-15h45 – Moderator: Francesca Rossi

Open Access / Policies and actions #1

  • SELL countries – transformation deals
    • OA in Spain
    • France, Portugal, Israel

15h45-16h45 – Moderator: Lluis Anglada

Open Access / Flipping Session #1 – Country Cases

  • Springer in France
  • Elsevier in Italy
  • RSC in Netherlands

16h45-17h30 – Moderator: Sigal Lahav Scher

Country reports #3

  • Greece

Open Access / Policies and actions #2

  • SELL countries – transformation deals
    • Greece, Italy

17h30 – Adjourn

18h30 – Bus departs from Aristotle University to Hotel Stay

20h00 – Social Dinner at “Inohoos” restaurant

Tuesday, May 8th

9h15-10h30 – Moderator: Giannis Tsakonas

Fostering Open access 

  • Negotiating Open access – Matthijs van Otegem, LIBER
  • EUA (Big Deals survey report)
  • OPENAire

10h30-11h45 – Moderator: Sandrine Malotaux

Open Access / Flipping Session #2 

  • SELL common position on OA, Pay-to-publish policies

11h45-12h015 – Coffee break

12h15-13h00 – Moderator: Arturo Dueñas Herrero

Country reports #4

  • Israel

13h00-14h30 – Lunch break

14h30-16h30 – Moderator: Franco Bungaro

Interesting Projects and Services

  • Research data infrastructure for members of HEAL-Link
  • Research data management: draft plans for Portugal (João Mendes Moreira – Remotely)
  • Research data management at the University of Porto: Our practical experience and results (João Rocha da Silva – Remotely)

Long Time Preservation (Dark archiving)

  • HEAL-Link’s Unified Search Engine

16h30 – Adjourn (ICOLC & SELL, next SELL Meeting)

Comments :

  1. Country Reports: Besides the general report, the reports should focus on activities related to Open Science. Presentations should take no more than 30 minutes (including questions).
  2. For the session “Open Access / Policies – actions #1 and #2” please prepare a brief presentation and description of any transformative agreements (even under negotiation) for your country.
  3. No vendor session was proposed this year.

List of participants :

Alexandros Iliakis Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link) Greece
Alexandra Goudi Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link) Greece
Arturo Dueñas Herrero Consorcio de Bibliotecas Universitarias de Castilla y León (BUCLE) Spain
Christine Weil-Miko Consortium unifié des établissements universitaires et de recherche pour l’accès aux publications numériques (COUPERIN) France
Claudine Xenidou-Dervou Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link) Greece
Francesca Rossi Conferenza dei Rettori delle Universita italiane (CRUI) Italy
Franco Bungaro University of Torino Italy
Françoise Rousseau Consortium unifié des établissements universitaires et de recherche pour l’accès aux publications numériques (COUPERIN) France
Giannis Kourmoulis Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link) Greece
Giannis Tsakonas Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link) Greece
Grégory Colcanap Consortium unifié des établissements universitaires et de recherche pour l’accès aux publications numériques (COUPERIN) France
Iliana Araka Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link) Greece
Joao Mendes Moreira (remotely) FCCN Portugal
Kamil Yesiltas ANKOS Turkey
Leonidas Pispiringas Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link) Greece
Lia Ollandezou Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link) Greece
Lluis Anglada Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya (CSUC) Barcelona, Spain
Manolis Koukourakis Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link) Greece
Maria Frantzi Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link) Greece
Maria Ntaountaki Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link) Greece
Matthijs van Otegem Erasmus University The Netherlands
Popi Florou Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link) Greece
Sandrine Malotaux Consortium unifié des établissements universitaires et de recherche pour l’accès aux publications numériques (COUPERIN) France
Sigal Lahav Scher Inter-University Center for Digital Information Services (MALMAD) Israel
Stella Kotsoni Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link) Greece
Teresa Costa Biblioteca do Conhecimento Online (b-on) Portugal
Zisis Simaioforidis Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link) Greece


See detailed map at:


Sunday, May 26th

20h00 – Welcome: MEETING POINT “Praza do Obradoiro”

20h30 – Dinner – “Restaurante Altamira”, Rúa das Ameas 9

Monday, May 27th

9h15-09h30 – Welcome

9h30-11h30 – Moderator: Lia Ollandezou

Country Reports#1: Open Science / OA Policies and actions : transformation deals and methodology for negotiations

  • Italy (20 min)
  • Portugal (20 min)
  • France (20min)
  • Israel (20 min)
  • Turkey (20 min)

11h30-12h00 – Coffee Break – “Fonseca”

12h00-13h30 – Moderator: Ianko López

  • Approach APCs monitoring and management workflows (Teresa Costa)
  • Methodologies for transformation deal negotiations: (BUGalicia) Estimating OA APC publication costs (CBUG)

13h00-13h30 – Moderator: Lluis Anglada

  • Renewal of the French National License with Elsevier ( Jérôme Kalfon – Consortium Couperin)

13h30-15h00 – Lunch break

15h00-16h45 – Moderator: Bárbara González

  • Wiley Flipping model

17h00 – Hotel and visit – “Pórtico de la Gloria” at 18:00 (45 minutes)

20h30 – Social Dinner – “Hotel San Miguel: Solleiros espacio gastronómico”

Praza de San Miguel dos Agros, 9
(Sponsored by Wiley)

Tuesday, May 28th

9h30-10h30 – Moderator: Ramón Ros

Country Reports#2: Open Science / OA Policies and actions : transformation deals and methodology for negotiations

  • Cyprus (20 min)
  • Greece (20 min)
  • Spain (20min)

10h30-11h30 – Moderator: Lluis Anglada

Plan S

  • Basics and the effects on libraries (Agnès Ponsati)
  • Transformative agreements and libraries (Lluís Anglada)
  • Plan S & transformative agreements: a short trip by SELL countries
    • Portugal

11h30-12h00 – Coffee break

12h00-12h30 – Moderator: Teresa Costa

  • Predatory open-access publishing (Gussun Gunes)

12h30-13h30 – Moderator: Agnes Ponsati

Diamond Initiatives:

13h00-13h30 – Moderator: Agnes Ponsati

  • SCOAP3 Ianko López (Madroño)

13h30-15h30 – Lunch break

15h30-17h30 – Moderator: Francesca Rossi

  • Open Session
  • Next SELL Meeting

17h30 – Adjourn

Comments :

  1. Besides the general information, like last year, the reports should focus on activities related to: Open Science / OA Policies and actions: transformation deals (even under negotiation). Presentations should take no more than 20 minutes (including questions).

List of participants :

1 Lia Ollandezou Greece HEAL-Link
2 Gussun Gunes Turkey ANKOS
3 Perihan Semerci Turkey ANKOS
4 Teresa Costa Portugal B-ON
5 Marios Zervas Cyprus CLC Cyprus Libraries Consortium (CLC)
6 Francois Rosseau France COUPERIN
7 Jérôme kalfon France COUPERIN
8 Francesca Rossi Italy CRUI
9 Lluis Anglada Spain CSUC
10 Ramón Ros Spain CSUC
11 Esperanza Iñurrieta Spain G9
12 Agnes Ponsati Spain CSIC
13 Gonzalo Rey Spain UNIRIS
14 Ianko López Spain MADROÑO
15 Felipe del Pozo Spain CBUA
16 Arturo Dueñas Spain BUCLE
17 Mabela Casal Spain USC / REBIUN
18 Francisco Vieites Spain CBUG
19 Bárbara González Spain CBUG

Licensing and Open Access in the Post-COVID-19 World: A Quick Trip Through the SELL Countries


Wednesday, July 15th

15h00-15h10 – Welcome and Announcements

15h10-15h30 – Moderator: João Mendes Moreira, B-ON

  • Assessing Scenarios for A Future Publishing System: Results From An EUA Sponsored Study – Lennart Stoy, Project Manager ,The European University Association (EUA)

15h30-18h00 – Moderator: Asst. Prof Güssün GÜNEŞ, ANKOS President

Country Reports#1: Budgets, Renovations, Transformative Agreements

15h30-16h10 (Session 1)

  • Italy (10 min) Francesca Rossi CRUI – Italian Conference of University Rectors
  • Portugal (10 min) Joana Novais,B-ON
  • France (10min) Françoise Rousseau-Hans, COUPERIN
  • Israel (10 min) – Sigal Lahav Scher IUCC-MALMAD

16h10-16h20 – Coffee Break

16h20-17h00 (Session 2)

  • Turkey (10 min) Muhammet Kızıl – ANKOS
  • Greece (10min) Lia Ollandezou – HEAL-Link
  • Spain (10 min) Agnes Ponsati – CSIC

17h00-17h40 – Open Session

17h40 – Virtual Gala Dinner

Thursday, July 16th

15h00-18h00 – Moderator: Emre Hasan AKBAYRAK, ANKOS Academy&Atılım University

Country Reports#2: APCs, Open Access

15h00-15h40 (Session 3)

  • Italy (10 min) – Prof. Nino Grizzuti, CRUI-CARE Group
  • Portugal (10 min) – Joana Novais, B-on
  • France (10min) – Andre Dazy, COUPERIN
  • Israel (10 min) Sigal Lahav Scher IUCC – MALMAD

15h40-16h00 – Coffee Break

16h00-16h40 (Session 4)

  • Turkey (10 min) – Güssün Güneş – ANKOS
  • Greece (10min) – Lia Ollandezou – HEAL-Link
  • Spain (10 min) – Lluis Anglada – CSUC

16h40-17h40 – Open Session

  • Giannis Tsakonas, HEAL-Link – SCOSS

17h40-18h00 – Next SELL meeting

18h00 – Adjourn

List of participants:

Agnes Ponsati Spain CSIC
Alexandros Iliakis Greece HEAL-Link
Andre Dazy France Couperin
Andrea Vieira Brazil Portal de periódicos CAPES,
Arturo Dueñas Herrero Spain BUCLE (Consorcio de Bibliotecas Universitarias de Castilla y León)
Bárbara González Núñez Spain CBUG
Emre Hasan Akbayrak Turkey ANKOS
Francesca Rossi,  Italy CRUI-CARE
Françoise Rousseau-Hans France Couperin
Giannis Tsakonas Greece HEAL-Link/ SCOSS
Gonzalo Rey Pinzón Spain UNIRIS
Güssün Güneş Turkey ANKOS
Ianko López Spain Consorcio Madroño
Irene Gonzalez
Joana Novais Gestora Portugal B-ON
João Mendes Moreira Portugal B-ON
Katyusha Souza Brazil Portal de Periódicos CAPES
Lennart Stoy Belgium The European University Association (EUA
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September 20 and 21, 2021

15h00 – 18h00 CET 


Monday, September 20th

15h00-15h15 – Welcome

15h10-15h45 – Speaker: Hannah Wang

  • Preservation, archive and dissemination for academic libraries. MetaArchive Cooperative: Sustainable digital preservation through community collaboration

    Hannah Wang works at the Educopia Institute as the Community Facilitator for the MetaArchive Cooperative and the Project Manager for the BitCuratorEdu Project. Prior to joining Educopia, she was the Electronic Records & Digital Preservation Archivist at the Wisconsin Historical Society, where she managed the acquisition of state electronic records, coordinated born-digital processing workflows, and developed the digital preservation program. Hannah has also taught graduate-level courses as an Associate Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison iSchool. She received her MSIS from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

15h45-16h15 – Speaker: Grégory Colcanap (

  • Integrating preservation and access in ‘national license’ to digital contents.

    ISTEX: initiative preservation, preservation yes, but not only, exploiting archives, and open access.

16h15-16h45 – Speaker: Joana Novais Gestora, Biblioteca do Conhecimento Online, b-on Manager, Online Knowledge Library, b-on.

  • Preservation efforts both in the repositories and national journals domains.

16h45-17h15 – Speaker: Lluis Anglada

  • United States experience: exportability to Europe? (introduction): Q&A, debate about conditions

17h15 – Country reports 1/2

  • We suggest that country reports should arrive in advance. So the little time (in relation to a face-to-face meeting) can be devoted to exchanges, after very short introductions of the main topic.

Thursday, September 21th

15h00-16h00 – Speakers: Thomas Porquet, Couperin and Patrick Peiffer

  • ReadMetrics, a comprehensive and productive usage statistics toolkit.

    Abstract: ReadMetrics is aiming to be both a complete COUNTER 5 toolkit, as well as a mature tool to extract super fine statistics (individual articles) based on Proxy log files. ReadMetrics is designed for a consortial setting (as already used in France by consortium members and Luxemburg consortium) as well as individual libraries. All use cases include data management and visualisations based on the Elastic indexing engine with Kibana dashboards. We will present various dashboards showing the type of data and visualizations made possible by such a tool.
    More on

16h00-16h30 – Speaker: Joana Novais, Manager, Online Knowledge Library. Biblioteca do Conhecimento Online, b-on

  • Introduction: the challenges and results of b-on’s recent negotiations for the next 3-year term.

16h30-17h00 – Debate: 

We ask members to prepare responses to the following questions:

  • Policy and vision: do you have an explicit document, or an implicit policy?
  • Are they consortia agreements or national agreements?
  • Constant prices or increase? (budget neutrality)
  • Steering and workflow
  • Evaluation (positive, negative, neutral) corrections to be made in the future

17h00-17h30 – Debate:

Speakers: Grégory Colcanap & Christine Weil-Miko Couperin 

We ask members to prepare responses to the following question:

  • Policy and vision: do you have an explicit document, or an implicit policy?

17h30-17h50 – Country reports 2/2

  • continuation day 1, if necessary

17h50 – Next meeting



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About CBUC

Working together, learning together: the Consortium of Academic Libraries of Catalonia

Digital Library of Catalonia

Use and users of electronic journals at Catalan universities: the results of a survey
The Use of Consortially Purchased Electronic Journals by the CBUC (2000-2003)
The negotiation of electronic journal licences at the CBUC
Licensing, organizing and accessing e-journals in the Catalan university libraries
What’s fair? Pricing models in the electronic era
Why some libraries and consortia are paying too much for e-information

Cooperative repositories

Actividades open access de los consorcios del SELL y del CBUC
Los repositorios como componentes esenciales de las bibliotecas
Sharing Solutions: Gathering Catalan Academic and Scholarly Publications Online

Evaluation of the Catalonia public university libraries

Joint report
Report’s abstract



The Turkish National Site License (TRNSL), Jane Ann Lindley, The Journal for the Serials Community, vol. 16, no. 2, p.187-190, 2003
Vision and Mechanisms: Consortial Possibilities, David Kohl, Presented at the Kusadasi ANKOS Meeting, April 19, 2003 (The Turkish version of this paper was published in the Journal of Turkish Library Association)
Collaboration and Cooperation in Library Services, B.Karasozen, PULMAN (Public Libraries, Museums and Electronic Archives Network), Conference Proceedings, Turkish Libraries Association, Ankara 16-19 November 2002
The Impact of ANKOS: Consortium Development in Turkey, Bulent Karasozen and Jane Ann Lindley, (To be published in the Journal of Academic Librarianship in 2005)
ANKOS and Its Dealings with Vendors, Phyllis L. Erdogan and Bulent Karasozen

OA Reports

Seminar for Open Access to Science Information


Southern Europe Open Access National reports

Open Access in France. A State of the Art Report. 2010 report

Scholarly Publishing & Open Access in Greece. 2009 report

Open Access in Italy. 2009 report

Open Access in Portugal. A state of the art report. 2009 report

Open Access to Scientific production in Spain. A report for the CBUC. 2009 report

Open Access Turkey Report. 2009 report

Complementary reading:
Open Access in the Nordic Countries // Copenhagen: Nordbib Programme, 2007

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Contact Information

HEAL-Link, Hellenic Academic Libraries Link – Greece

Lia Ollandezou

Coordinator, Steering Committee for Electronic Resources

HEAL-Link Office
Library & Information Center
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
University Campus, GR 54124
Thessaloniki, GREECE
tel : 0030 2310 998210, 0030 2310 997926

CARE, Coordinamento per l’Accesso alle Risorse Elettroniche – Italy

CRUI – Conferenza Rettori delle Universita’ Italiane
P.zza Rondanini, 48
00186 Roma
Alberto Pozzolo
Coordinatore CARE
Universita’ del Molise
Via de Sanctis,
86100 Campobasso
Francesca Rossi
Responsabile Area Risorse Elettroniche CRUI
P.zza Rondanini, 48
00186 Roma
Guido Badalamenti
Responsabile Comunicazione CARE
Universita’ di Siena
Via Banchi di Sotto, 55
53100 Siena

ANKOS – Turkey

Güssün GÜNEŞ

Anatolian University Libraries Consortium

Merkez Mahallesi Kağıthane Caddesi DAP Yapı I Ofis No:3

Kat:4 Ofis no:58 Kağıthane/İSTANBUL–TURKEY
 +90 533 426 00 91
e-mail: – Consortium unifié des établissements universitaires et de recherche pour l’accès aux publications numériques– France 

(Unified Consortium of Higher Education and Research Organizations for Access to Digital Publications)


Lise Dumasy
President of
Université Grenoble-Alpes
email :

Gregory Colcanap
Coordinator of
Library director
Université d’Evry Val d’Essonne
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Christine Weil-Miko
Head of Negotiation and Licensing Department
National Negotiations Officer
INIST-CNRS (Institut de l’information scientifique et technique – Centre national de la recherche scientifique)
2, rue Jean Zay
CS 10310
54519 Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy

Jérôme Kalfon

Negotiation and Licensing Department
23 rue Daviel
75013 Paris

Françoise Rousseau
Head of Services and Prospective Department
Head of the Scientific Information Department
Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives
Cellule nationale de l’Information scientifique et technique
91190 Gif sur Yvette
email :

André Dazy
Services and prospective department
23 rue Daviel
75013 Paris

CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas-Spanish National Research Council ) – Spain

Agnès Ponsati Obiols
Unit of Information Resources for Research
C/Joaquin Costa , 22
28002 Madrid

CSUC (Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya) – Spain

Llus Anglada
Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya
Gran Capit, 2-4. Edifici NEXUS, 3a pl.
08034 Barcelona
tel.: 34-93-205 64 64
fax: 34-93-205 69 79

b-on (Biblioteca do Conhecimento Online) – Portugal

Teresa Costa
Unidade FCCN (Fundação para Ciência e a Tecnologia) – Computação Científica Nacional
Av. do Brasil, 101, 1700-066 Lisboa, Portugal
T: [+351] 218 440 100


The participation of other countries in SELL Meetings on a rotation basis (observers), will maintain all advantages of SELL group which facilitates information and experience exchange and will allow new members to benefit from our organization.
For 2017, MALMAD (Israel) is invited to attend in presence the SELL Meeting and KOBSON (Serbia) is invited to make a presentation on-line.

MALMAD Consortium Sigal Lahav Scher <>
KOBSON Conosrtium Tatjana Timotijevic <>