Trial access period to Statista

Trial access period to Statista

Dear HEAL-Link members,

we would like to inform you that a 60-day trial period of access (until 13/12/2023) to the Statista database has been activated.

Access is controlled through the institutions’ declared IP addresses.

The members of the institutions simply enter while connected to the university network (without creating a personal account (free basic account) or connecting to it in case they have created one in the past).

When they enter the Statista platform they should see the following welcome message next to the Statista logo: Welcome to Statista, “University Name”! Free 60-day trial. Free access until 13.12.23, this indicates that they have been connected to the trial successfully.

During the free 60-day trial, all institution members have free access to:

  • Statistics
  • Reports
  • Forecasts & Surveys
  • Topic Pages
  • Market Insights
  • Company Insights
  • Consumer Insights

Additionally, they have the right to download premium content.