Access to Elsevier through HEAL-Link Federation (Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure)

Access to Elsevier through HEAL-Link Federation (Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure)

We are pleased to announce the launch of the authentication and authorization infrastructure service through HEAL-Link Federation using Shibboleth, to the publisher Elsevier next week.

This service enables users of the Federation members to have full access to the content of periodic house, regardless Internet provider they use.

After the completion of the process of signing the agreement with Elsevier, the service will be operational and will now allow access to all the institutions that support the service.

For more information here.


  1. On the website of Elsevier ( select top right “Athens / Other Institution Login”.
  2. From the menu select: HEAL-Link (aai) Greek Higher Education & Research and then your institution to lead you to the corresponding authentication page.
  3. After you enter information for the user account of your institution, it will automatically switch to the page of the publisher now having access to the full-text.

For more information about the service please visit HEAL-Link Federation web site, which will be constantly updated.

For questions regarding creating accounts please contact the corresponding network operation centers of your institutions.

You can also inform your system administrators/IT Specialists by referring them to:, where the process of creating “Shibboleth deeplinks” is described, which will allow users to visit ScienceDirect without following the above procedure.