Changes to the IP addresses of DIODOS program

Changes to the IP addresses of DIODOS program

On February 16, changes have been made to the IP addresses of DIODOS program.

Concerning access to HEAL-Link’s subscriptions please read the following:

Publishers that support access by using the institutional account through HEAL-Link Federation (AAI):

  • Elsevier (Sciencedirect & SCOPUS)
  • Springer
  • Project Muse

access via the IP addresses will not be available for DIODOS program and DIODE an institutional account will be required for access.

For access to the rest of the publisher IP addresses through the program DIODOS have been gradually restored and most of the publiahers support it.

If access problems derives to publishers, until they are solved users are urged to use alternative access methods from their institution (e.g. access through VPN).

When access to a publisher is enabled via an institutional account through HEAL-Link Federation, access via IP address will be deactivated as unnecessary.