Agreement renewal with Elsevier

Agreement renewal with Elsevier

We are pleased to inform you that the renewal of the agreement with the Elsevier publisher, for the 3 years 2022-2024 has been completed.
The agreement includes:

  • access to the journals included since January 1, 2022 in the Freedom Collection
  • access to the journal Cell by Cell Press
  • access to the journal La Presse Médicale (Elsevier Masson Collection)
  • access to the Lancet collection
  • access to 58 series titles
  • access to the Scopus bibliographic database
  • 20% discount on the cost of open access  publishing

You can find the agreement’s titles list on the protected pages for librarians. Details regarding a possible discount on the publishing costs, in open access can be found here.

The updating of the alphabetical title list of the HEAL-Link portal as well as the addition of the terms of use of the agreement will be completed as soon as possible.