Support helpdesks

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Technical Contact: AUTH IT Center AAI Administrators,  +30-2310999000

Support Contact: AUTH IT Center Helpdesk,  +30-2310999000

Other Contact: Computer Emergency Response Team ,  +30-2310999000

NCSR Demokritos

Technical Contact: Charalampos Koutsouris

Support Contact: Ariadne-t NOC ,  +30-210-650-3125

National Technical University of Athens

Technical Contact: National Technical University of Athens,  +30-210-772-1861

Support Contact: NOC Helpdesk ,  +30-210-772-1861

Administrative Contact: Ourania Lambrou 

Other Contact: NTUA Security Response Team 

Ionian University

Technical Contact: Greek Research and Technology Network,  800-11-47638

Support Contact: Ionian University,  +30-2661087669

Panteion University

Technical Contact: Panagiotis Arfanis

Support Contact: Valentini Grigoriadou

Democritus University of Thrace

Technical Contact: Democritus University of Thrace NOC,  +30-25410-79200

Support Contact: Democritus University of Thrace NOC,  +30-25410-79200

Technical University of Crete

Technical Contact: Vasilis Papadakis,  +30-28210-37512

Support Contact: Technical University of Crete Support,  +30-28210-37512

University of Ioannina

Technical Contact: Dimitris Gioutsos

Support Contact: Dimitris Gioutsos

University of Macedonia

Technical Contact: Noc 

Support Contact: University of Macedonia NOC

University of Crete

Technical Contact: Michalis Kalogirou

Support Contact: University of Crete

National Hellenic Research Foundation

Technical Contact: Panagiotis Thanopoulos,  +30 210 7273 503 (1503)

Support Contact: Panagiotis Thanopoulos,  +30 210 7273 503 (1503)

National Library of Greece

Technical Contact: Ioannis Tampakis

Technical Contact: Panagiotis Paloukos

Support Contact: National Library of Greece IT Support,  +302103382604

Clarivate Analytics

Other Contact: Security Response Team 

Administrative Contact: OpenAthens Service Desk 

Technical Contact: OpenAthens Service Desk 

Support Contact: OpenAthens Service Desk 

HEAL-Link - Identity Provider (IDP)

Technical Contact: HEAL-Link

Support Contact: HEAL-Link