Instructions for MyHEAL-Link personalization service

Through HEAL-Link Portal it is possible to create an account to MyHEAL-Link environment, which supports personalized lists creation of the electronic journals of HEAL-Link. Access is allowed through IP address recognition and My-HEAL-Link, which is a personalization service, does not conflict with this process. In order to register, select New User and supplement the corresponding form. In the field e-mail import the email address you have acquired from the institution-member of HEAL-Link. This e-mail will be the username for logging into MyHEAL-Link.

After logging into MyHEAL-Link, you can update you personal details by selecting MyHEAL-Link/ Profile edit and select journals of your interest via the alphabetical list or via the journals’ discipline. By selecting Electronic resources / E-Journals / by discipline you can select your desired journals by clicking on the corresponding discipline. Moreover, through the Automatic notice, you can select specific disciplines ang get automatically notified each time HEAL-Link’s collection is enriched with a new journal that is characterized by the corresponding discipline.

During the process of editing your profile, the system displays with inversed colors the journals or disciplines that have already been selected.

In case you have forgotten your password, select Forgot Password and a password reset link will be e-mailed to you.