As an organisation, Wiley is dedicated to supporting our customers and the research community to understand and minimize the impact of COVID-19; and have implemented the following:

  • Free online access to a collection of more than 5,000 relevant journal articles, book chapters and entries in Wiley’s major reference works
  • Access to a free, real-time feed of the latest research and news on COVID-19, powered by Scitrus, Atypon’s AI-driven personalized discovery application
  • Wiley’s partners at the Cochrane Library have created two free Special Collections on COVID 19
  • Free resources from Wiley for those interested in exploring historical perspectives on epidemics, methods used to control their spread, and associated health policies, see: Europe, 1817 or UK, 1854 or Hastings, 1873 or Sydney, 1895

Wiley also manages an online customer community called Connections. This community is a great forum for connecting with peers, colleagues and Wiley during this unique time of social distancing. Wiley encourages everybody to leverage this as a way to stay connected during this time. Currently, an inspiring discussion thread as librarians, societies and researchers around the world are sharing their personal experiences related to COVID-19.

Finally, the Wiley Online Library training hub continues to provide numerous resources to ensure its users receive maximum benefit from the platform. Wiley is also happy to provide live customized web-based trainings for its users.