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About CBUC

Working together, learning together: the Consortium of Academic Libraries of Catalonia http://www.cbuc.es/cbuc_en/content/download/914/5020/version/5/file/Italeng.pdf

Digital Library of Catalonia

Use and users of electronic journals at Catalan universities: the results of a survey http://hdl.handle.net/2072/3692
The Use of Consortially Purchased Electronic Journals by the CBUC (2000-2003) http://www.dlib.org/dlib/june04/anglada/06anglada.html
The negotiation of electronic journal licences at the CBUC
Licensing, organizing and accessing e-journals in the Catalan university libraries
What’s fair? Pricing models in the electronic era
Why some libraries and consortia are paying too much for e-information http://docs.cbuc.cat/fitxers/5digital/Whyeng.PDF

Cooperative repositories

Actividades open access de los consorcios del SELL y del CBUC http://www.elprofesionaldelainformacion.com/contenidos/2005/julio/280.pdf
Los repositorios como componentes esenciales de las bibliotecas
Sharing Solutions: Gathering Catalan Academic and Scholarly Publications Online http://www.cbuc.cat/cbuc_en/content/download/1079/6730/version/6/file/Eunis114.pdf

Evaluation of the Catalonia public university libraries

Joint report
Report’s abstract



The Turkish National Site License (TRNSL), Jane Ann Lindley, The Journal for the Serials Community, vol. 16, no. 2, p.187-190, 2003
Vision and Mechanisms: Consortial Possibilities, David Kohl, Presented at the Kusadasi ANKOS Meeting, April 19, 2003 (The Turkish version of this paper was published in the Journal of Turkish Library Association)
Collaboration and Cooperation in Library Services, B.Karasozen, PULMAN (Public Libraries, Museums and Electronic Archives Network), Conference Proceedings, Turkish Libraries Association, Ankara 16-19 November 2002
The Impact of ANKOS: Consortium Development in Turkey, Bulent Karasozen and Jane Ann Lindley, (To be published in the Journal of Academic Librarianship in 2005)
ANKOS and Its Dealings with Vendors, Phyllis L. Erdogan and Bulent Karasozen

OA Reports

Seminar for Open Access to Science Information


Southern Europe Open Access National reports

Open Access in France. A State of the Art Report. 2010 report

Scholarly Publishing & Open Access in Greece. 2009 report

Open Access in Italy. 2009 report

Open Access in Portugal. A state of the art report. 2009 report

Open Access to Scientific production in Spain. A report for the CBUC. 2009 report

Open Access Turkey Report. 2009 report

Complementary reading:
Open Access in the Nordic Countries // Copenhagen: Nordbib Programme, 2007

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