June 15, 2016

2nd Meeting Barcelona, Spain

The following represents the action decisions made at our 2nd SELL meeting.Minutes

  • Anglada statement: Last year’s SELL decision to endorse CBUC’s statement “Why Some Libraries and Consortia Are Paying too Much for E-Information” was reaffirmed and it will be mounted on the SELL website. The official version will be provided in English along with the SELL consortial endorsements as they are received by Dervos. (Please send endorsements to Claudine at: dervou@ physics.auth.gr) Translations of the statement into each SELL native language will also be mounted. (These too should be sent to Claudine)
  • VAT: The discussion of VAT on electronic products was actively discussed. The group decided to pursue three initiatives regarding VAT:
    • Statement: Dervos and Gargiulo agreed to draft a statement on behalf of SELL generally addressing the following issues: VAT on academic electronic products should not be more than on academic print materials (for most SELL counties VAT on electronic products is 4-5 times that on print products); academic electronic products are substantially different from entertainment electronic products; an attempt should be made to harmonize the SELL statement with the VAT statement of the Frankfurt group to increase impact. A draft will be sent to SELL delegates for their review and comment; any “no response” by the indicated deadline will be treated as agreement.
    • Liaison with Publishers: There was a general feeling that academic publishers would make good allies in bringing the VAT on electronic products into line with that on print products. The statement will be framed to remain open to this possibility and SELL members will generally explore this possibility as opportunity allows.
    • Lobbying/Political Action: There was a general feeling that SELL should not confine itself to only a statement, but also explore routes to possible action. Karasozen will investigate involvement of faculty, particularly math and science faculty; Santos will explore action at the ministry level; and all SELL members will, as opportunity allows, seek to identify their country EU representatives and bring the statement to their attention once it is drafted and agreed upon.
  • EU Copyright Directive: Marandola alerted the SELL delegates to the upcoming country ratification of the EU copyright law. He pointed out that the critical issue was the list of 9 exceptions which provided important modifications to the law for such institutions as libraries and schools. These important exceptions are not automatically included in the copyright law being ratified in each country so consortia will want to check on the status of these exceptions for their individual countries. Marco will send out an email to the SELL members with the basic EU copyright directive (or the link to the directive) and has agreed to serve as informal consultant to any SELL delegate who have questions concerning the directive.
  • Southern European Academic Content: There was general interest and discussion of how to make southern European academic materials, e.g. nationally published journals, theses and dissertations in national languages, more widely available. Anglada provided a demonstration of Spain’s involvement in the NLDTD (www.tdcat.cbuc.es) project and encouraged other consortia to consider participation. Dervos raised the idea of providing the associated metadata in English to facilitate cross language searching. Providing wider access to nationally produced journals is more complicated but will remain a SELL topic of future interest and discussion.
  • Oxford Reference Online (Oxford U. Press): Dervos made a presentation of the ORO product in place of Susan Lob who encountered travel difficulties and could not attend the SELL meeting. Claudine pointed out that ORO is a good general product with wide international appeal, including a wide range of content and language databases. She will distribute a password which SELL delegates (only) may use in June to investigate the ORO product. If a specific consortium is interested in wider review and investigation, the SELL delegate should contact Claudine and she will make the necessary arrangements. Delegates generally felt that this broader local review would probably make more sense after students and faculty return to school in the fall.
    The licensing arrangement would include unlimited access and its cost would be price sensitive, i.e. the bigger the contracting group the better the deal price-wise. The group agreed that Claudine would be the single negotiator with the active advice of a SELL advisory committee. This would consist of: Azucena, Karasozen, Gargiulo, Alvarez, and Lemos.
    Since no real multi-national deals have yet been done, there was some feeling that if an attractive deal could be put on the table, it would be very nice for SELL to be the first to announce a multi-national deal.
  • Math/Sci Net: Karasozen brought to the group’s attention that Math/Sci Net might also be a product of general interest. He agreed to be the single negotiator for this product and will have the same advisory committee as Claudine.
  • eICOLC Report: Dervos reviewed the agenda for the upcoming eICOLC meeting in Thessalonica, October 3-5 and encouraged all SELL delegates to attend. Since many SELL delegates will likely attend, there are plans to once again have an informal SELL meeting at the conference, perhaps a lunch or dinner. Further information will be sent out as conference plans are finalized.
  • Next SELL Meeting: Karasozen invited SELL delegates to hold their next meeting in Ankara, Turkey. The invitation was universally and enthusiastically accepted. The meeting will be held on June 8 (Sunday) with an invitation to a tour of Cappadocia on the preceding day (Saturday) for those SELL delegates so interested. The sense of the group was that for the present, membership would be limited to the countries represented at Barcelona. More information will be forthcoming; check the SELL website.
    The meeting adjourned at 5:30pm with general complements to Lluis and Nuria for arranging a well-organized and productive meeting in a truly beautiful location.



2nd Meeting of Southern European Libraries’ Consortia May 18, 2002 Escola Superior d’Agricultura de Barcelona, Spain

09:30 – 11:00 Welcome and informal country reports:

11:00 – 11:30 Break
11:30 – 12:30 Revision of 1st SELL decisions:

  • Endorsement of the CBUC Statement “Why some libraries and consortia pay too much for e-information”
  • VAT for electronic materials
  • Southern European content: Common projects for academic e-journals, e-dissertations, etc.
12:30 – 13:00 Minutes for the next eICOLC meeting (Claudine Dervos)
13:00 – 15:00 Lunch
15:00 – 16:00 Examine possibilities for common negotiations

  • Oxford Reference Online: Discussion about a possible multi country deal
16:00 – 17:30 Decisions. Next SELL meeting
21:00 Dinner (by courtesy of Elsevier) (click here for a picture)