September 17, 2021

21st Virtual Meeting Paris, France

September 20 and 21, 2021

15h00 – 18h00 CET 



Monday, September 20th

15h00-15h15 – Welcome

15h10-15h45 – Speaker: Hannah Wang

  • Preservation, archive and dissemination for academic libraries. MetaArchive Cooperative: Sustainable digital preservation through community collaboration

    Hannah Wang works at the Educopia Institute as the Community Facilitator for the MetaArchive Cooperative and the Project Manager for the BitCuratorEdu Project. Prior to joining Educopia, she was the Electronic Records & Digital Preservation Archivist at the Wisconsin Historical Society, where she managed the acquisition of state electronic records, coordinated born-digital processing workflows, and developed the digital preservation program. Hannah has also taught graduate-level courses as an Associate Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison iSchool. She received her MSIS from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

15h45-16h15 – Speaker: Grégory Colcanap (

  • Integrating preservation and access in ‘national license’ to digital contents.

    ISTEX: initiative preservation, preservation yes, but not only, exploiting archives, and open access.

16h15-16h45 – Speaker: Joana Novais Gestora, Biblioteca do Conhecimento Online, b-on Manager, Online Knowledge Library, b-on.

  • Preservation efforts both in the repositories and national journals domains.

16h45-17h15 – Speaker: Lluis Anglada

  • United States experience: exportability to Europe? (introduction): Q&A, debate about conditions

17h15 – Country reports 1/2

  • We suggest that country reports should arrive in advance. So the little time (in relation to a face-to-face meeting) can be devoted to exchanges, after very short introductions of the main topic.

Thursday, September 21th

15h00-16h00 – Speakers: Thomas Porquet, Couperin and Patrick Peiffer

  • ReadMetrics, a comprehensive and productive usage statistics toolkit.

    Abstract: ReadMetrics is aiming to be both a complete COUNTER 5 toolkit, as well as a mature tool to extract super fine statistics (individual articles) based on Proxy log files. ReadMetrics is designed for a consortial setting (as already used in France by consortium members and Luxemburg consortium) as well as individual libraries. All use cases include data management and visualisations based on the Elastic indexing engine with Kibana dashboards. We will present various dashboards showing the type of data and visualizations made possible by such a tool.
    More on

16h00-16h30 – Speaker: Joana Novais, Manager, Online Knowledge Library. Biblioteca do Conhecimento Online, b-on

  • Introduction: the challenges and results of b-on’s recent negotiations for the next 3-year term.

16h30-17h00 – Debate: 

We ask members to prepare responses to the following questions:

  • Policy and vision: do you have an explicit document, or an implicit policy?
  • Are they consortia agreements or national agreements?
  • Constant prices or increase? (budget neutrality)
  • Steering and workflow
  • Evaluation (positive, negative, neutral) corrections to be made in the future

17h00-17h30 – Debate:

Speakers: Grégory Colcanap & Christine Weil-Miko Couperin 

We ask members to prepare responses to the following question:

  • Policy and vision: do you have an explicit document, or an implicit policy?

17h30-17h50 – Country reports 2/2

  • continuation day 1, if necessary

17h50 – Next meeting