April 9, 2019

19th Meeting Santiago de Compostela, Spain


See detailed map at: https://goo.gl/zTRMCJ


Sunday, May 26th

20h00Welcome: MEETING POINT “Praza do Obradoiro”

20h30Dinner – “Restaurante Altamira”, Rúa das Ameas 9

Monday, May 27th

9h15-09h30 – Welcome

9h30-11h30 – Moderator: Lia Ollandezou

Country Reports#1: Open Science / OA Policies and actions : transformation deals and methodology for negotiations

11h30-12h00 – Coffee Break – “Fonseca”

12h00-13h30 – Moderator: Ianko López

13h00-13h30 – Moderator: Lluis Anglada

13h30-15h00 – Lunch break

15h00-16h45 – Moderator: Bárbara González

  • Wiley Flipping model

17h00 – Hotel and visit – “Pórtico de la Gloria” at 18:00 (45 minutes)

20h30 – Social Dinner – “Hotel San Miguel: Solleiros espacio gastronómico”

Praza de San Miguel dos Agros, 9
(Sponsored by Wiley)


Tuesday, May 28th

9h30-10h30 – Moderator: Ramón Ros

Country Reports#2: Open Science / OA Policies and actions : transformation deals and methodology for negotiations

10h30-11h30 – Moderator: Lluis Anglada

Plan S

11h30-12h00 – Coffee break

12h00-12h30 – Moderator: Teresa Costa

12h30-13h30 – Moderator: Agnes Ponsati

Diamond Initiatives:

13h00-13h30 – Moderator: Agnes Ponsati

13h30-15h30 – Lunch break

15h30-17h30 – Moderator: Francesca Rossi

  • Open Session
  • Next SELL Meeting

17h30 – Adjourn


Comments :

  1. Besides the general information, like last year, the reports should focus on activities related to: Open Science / OA Policies and actions: transformation deals (even under negotiation). Presentations should take no more than 20 minutes (including questions).

List of participants :

1 Lia Ollandezou Greece liollan@physics.auth.gr HEAL-Link https://www.heal-link.gr/?lang=en
2 Gussun Gunes Turkey gussun.gunes@marmara.edu.tr ANKOS https://www.ankos.gen.tr/web/en/
3 Perihan Semerci Turkey psemerci@kocaeli.edu.tr ANKOS https://www.ankos.gen.tr/web/en/
4 Teresa Costa Portugal teresa.costa@fccn.pt B-ON https://www.b-on.pt/en/
5 Marios Zervas Cyprus marios.zervas@cut.ac.cy CLC Cyprus Libraries Consortium (CLC)
6 Francois Rosseau France francoise.rosseau@cea.fr COUPERIN https://www.couperin.org/
7 Jérôme kalfon France jerome.kalfon@couperin.org COUPERIN https://www.couperin.org/
8 Francesca Rossi Italy rossi@crui.it CRUI https://www.crui.it/
9 Lluis Anglada Spain lluis.anglada@csuc.cat CSUC https://www.csuc.cat/
10 Ramón Ros Spain ramon.ros@csuc.cat CSUC https://www.csuc.cat/
11 Esperanza Iñurrieta Spain esperanza.inurrieta@ehu.eus G9 https://www.uni-g9.net/
12 Agnes Ponsati Spain agnes@bib.csic.es CSIC http://bibliotecas.csic.es/
13 Gonzalo Rey Spain lugorey@ull.edu.es UNIRIS http://www.uniris.es/
14 Ianko López Spain direccion.tecnica@consorciomadrono.es MADROÑO https://www.consorciomadrono.es/
15 Felipe del Pozo Spain f.delpozo@unia.es CBUA http://www.cbua.es/
16 Arturo Dueñas Spain arturo.duenas@uva.es BUCLE
17 Mabela Casal Spain mabela.casal@usc.es USC / REBIUN http://www.usc.gal/
18 Francisco Vieites Spain fvieites@bugalicia.org CBUG http://www.cbug.es/
19 Bárbara González Spain direccion@bugalicia.org CBUG http://www.cbug.es/